About Us

Federal Financial Services, Inc. was organized in 1995 by Ralph Williams who had over thirty years experience with American Credit Corp. (better known as Barclays American). The company opened the doors to their first office in Elkin, NC on May 10, 1995. In addition to Mr. Williams, the company had one employee, no receivables and no dealers.

What we do:

We are primarily a sub-prime automobile finance company. We work through new and used car dealers by offering our financing plan to them. When the dealer has a potential customer who needs financing in order to purchase a vehicle, the dealer may contact us to see if we can approve credit for the applicant. If all works in favor for the applicant and the dealer completes the sale, we will then require the contract from the dealer and the credit applicant who purchased the vehicle now becomes our customer.

We also make Direct Personal Loans:

Our personal loans are offered directly to the consumer. Federal Financial Services sees serving our customers as a “calling”, an opportunity to serve a segment of society that often needs a quick cash loan for an emergency or just to meet a specific need. Our Managers and Loan Officers become their personal financial advisers. Our customers often require someone who will take time to listen to their needs, their problems and offer financial guidance with compassion and understanding. We specialize in warm, personal service and building lasting relationships with our customers. The next time you need a cash loan, up to $15,000, just contact one of our conveniently located offices.

Who we are today:

Since opening our doors in 1995 with just a single office, we now have 2 regional offices in NC and over 40 employees. Our regional offices are located in Elkin, NC.